This is dedicated to one of the worst ideas conceived in the history of social networking. May it die a quick death.

23rd July 2009

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No homo, sweetheart.
It’s been awhile, but the truth remains (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)


No homo, sweetheart.

It’s been awhile, but the truth remains (not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

24th June 2009

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Tumblr’s Directory Is Broken


Of the 50 most recent posts from each of the top 25 blogs in the Music Directory, only 4% are actually audio posts.  The Tumblr Directory is ranked by Tumblarity.  Tumblarity encourages quantity over quality.  The one possible benefit I saw from Tumblarity is that it could potentially provide a valuable way to surface sites in the directory, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  The sites featured in nearly every category of the directory are there because they post an absurd amount of viral content like sensational photos, which boost their overall score.  Few of them offer much value specific to the categories I’m interested in.

But I still like you, Tumblr.

21st May 2009

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tumblarity—the final word


Tumblarity measures popularity and activity—not quality.  That the top blogs are along the lines of fuckyeaheatingdisorders is not the least bit troubling to me.  We know what kind of content is most popular—we know.

If tumblarity rated books Twilight novels would be at the top. 
If tumblarity rated movies Jennifer Aniston rom-coms and Christian Bale blowing things up would be at the top.

Popular does not equal awesome.  Popular does not even necessarily equal worth half a second of your time.  Popular just means popular.

19th May 2009

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Killer whale playing bass on fractal. AS REQUESTED.
(Killer whale source. Bass source. Mandelbrot/fractal source.)


Killer whale playing bass on fractal. AS REQUESTED.

(Killer whale source. Bass source. Mandelbrot/fractal source.)

19th May 2009

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19th May 2009


Tumblarity Sucks - Reason #32,408


Whenever my tumblarity drops down passed 1,000, I feel like I am doing something wrong.  Is the mission for tumblarity to make me feel guilty? 

I think this system sucks for many reasons, but mostly because I feel like it’s going to cause people to just post a ton of shit (*ahem, twitter, *ahem) opposed to offering quality content and gaining a base of followers over time; basically what we’ve always done here.  It could very possibly turn our entire community into a Twitter-esque environment.  And that would suck, bad.

It’s the same concept as this megapixel war going on in the digital camera community.  Companies are striving to make the highest megapixel readout, when it is hardly relevant to anything else in the camera.  What this means is that companies like Nikon and Canon can slack in other areas and nobody will give a fuck because it shoots photos at a high resolution.  New Tumblr users will do the same thing. They’ll take a single look at this tumblarity nonsense and try to get it as high as they possibly can; more than likely by posting irrelevant shit that nobody cares about (*ahem, twitter, *ahem).  That number doesn’t mean fucking anything, but for some reason, it sits there and mocks me.

Revert, Tumblr!  This is the only thing you’ve ever done that I’ve ever been 100% against.  I don’t mean to bitch.  This is a free platform and you can control it as you wish, but the users here are what’s important.  Without us, Tumblr would just be a prettier version of Xanga or LiveJournal.  I haven’t heard a single testimony for this Tumblarity shit.  Kill it.  Please.

Now everybody like this so my Tumblarity goes up. =P  Just kidding.

But seriously.  Do it. =D

19th May 2009

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Dear Tumblr,


I’m angry with you.
Seriously, what’s up with the new directory… this is bullshit.
I along with several other people on this site are extremely unsatisfied with the unneeded changes.
The Tumblettes, Editors Choice, ect. Give me them back.
As for the tumblarity, popularity, whatever; Either way, I suck at this game. (as if it really matters)

I’m at the near bottom of the list (writer/wisdom), with the number ‘25’ posted next to my picture, not diggin’ it.
I feel insignificant, and it’s all your fault.

19th May 2009

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Tumblr does offer Tumblarity leader boards, which might drive some competition amongst power users. But let’s face it, once you get to that level, these things always tend to become a bit of a Web 2.0 pissing contest, leader board or no.

18th May 2009

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(via indieandyy)

(via indieandyy)

18th May 2009

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Tumblarity Glossary


T-Score= your Tumblarity number

T-Bill=how many followers (and sleep) your newly-constant blogging has cost you.

T-Chaser=someone who can’t stop chasing their highest T-Score.

T-Bagger=someone who throws parties with embarrassing titles.

And I thought T-Bagger was just someone who gave a fuck about their tumblarity.  How mistaken was I?